Mascot Band on Wheels

Just when you thought you’ve rocked out with the Mascot Band for the last time in 2011, this just in:

The R-Phils Mascot Band will be rockin’ the Reading Holiday Parade!

That’s right, the world’s furriest rock ‘n’ roll band will now be performing aboard the National Penn Bank float during this annual holiday celebration.  The boys will be doing more than just waving, as the band is planning its first ever Mascot Band Concert on Wheels!

Over the years, the band has packed up their gear and performed at several locations other than FirstEnergy Stadium, including Veterans Stadium & Citizens Bank Park, but this will mark the first time that they will actually perform in motion.

We recently caught up with lead guitar player Blooper the Hound Dog for his thoughts regarding this unique concert event:

“Quack said something about ‘Travelin Band’, but I thought he was referring to the John Fogerty song, one of my favorites.  All I know is, there better be a fire hydrant on our float.  Parades can be long!  Woof!”

You won’t want to miss this one, so head down to Penn Street in Reading on the morning of November 19th and say hello to the R-Phils Mascot Band.  You’ll probably hear a little “Feliz Navidad” and “Rockin Around the Xmas Tree”, and of course, “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.”  He’ll be there!

Stay tuned for photos of the parade and a recap of what stands to be a new highlight in the world of the one & only R-Phils Mascot Band!



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